Practicing Aloha CD cover

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Let the gentle tradwinds blow
Let them softly touch your soul
Breathe the fragrance in the air
Clear your mind of all despair

Fresh from the ocean
They whisper to you there
Through the palm trees comes the sound
Of birds playing everywhere

There is a peace in paradise
That is found in living here
In the beauty of the islands
This treasure is so near

There is a peace in paradise
It’s magic calms the mind
The way it can embrace you
And take you out of time

The spirit of aloha lives
In the hearts of people here
The living love it teaches
Brings happiness so clear

Let the tradewinds bring you
The mysteries of just how
To live with the aloha
And breathe the spirit now

There is a peace in paradise
Find it if you will
The secrets of the mana
Your heart and mind its fills

There is a peace in paradise
It shines forth tlike the sun
It holds all the answers
In this great peace we’re one