Practicing Aloha CD cover

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Every Atom is alive
With Mana
All of Life has Spirit here
It’s Mana

Ask the Spirit
Hear the Word
Secret answers are waiting here

It’s Mana
The Life force Power of Mana

All the earth is charged with life
It’s Mana
Blessed Water from the Skies
Has Mana

Sacred Spot  Place of Power
Land of Fire and Earth Devoured

It’s Mana  from the Source
It’s Mana … Breath it in ..this Mana

Ask the Spirit Hear the Word
Listen in Silence
Be restored
With Mana…Merge with it
We’re Blessed with all this …MANA

If you’re alive you can’t deny this Mana
Say yes to all this Mana

Chant the Words sing the songs
Bath in the waters let it in
It’s Mana   Breath it in this Mana
Respect this Force that carries Life
Merge with it
It carries Light
It’s Mana… the sacred power of Mana
God abides in Mana