Practicing Aloha CD cover

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When the reasons for our being
Come in focus we will find
All things working in harmony
Harmony sublime

When the voice inside speaks to us
And everything aligns
We see all things living in harmony
Harmony we find

There is a greater good
That lives in every heart and mind
When we’re in tune to it we could
Be the best part of humankind

It takes us to a greater way
To remove conlict and find
We have the power come what may
To overcome our separate minds

When the season for forgiving
Is here with us today
Then all things work in harmony
Harmony we find

When the purpose for us living
Gives us a peace of mind we say
Our lives can live in harmony
Harmony with humankind

One great picture is given us to see
One great plan allows us to be
Living together all people can be free
So join us now if you believe

Shine bright in that great harmony
And happiness you’ll find