Practicing Aloha CD cover

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Your life means more
Than you can know
There’s greater purpose to your goal

Your soul burns brighter
Than you see
A flame to last
Through eternity

Though our time here is brief
With so much time’s lost
Before we believe

There’s a light that
With love we share
It time to show how much we care

Your life means more
Than you can know
There is a greater purpose
In your soul

Your soul is like
A burning flame
That lives eternally
In god’s name

Make the most
Of every day
Don’t let your life
Just slip away

You have the chance
To know what’s true
The answer is inside of you

Forgive the past that’s done you wrong
It just was there and now it’s gone
Live the love inside of you
And give that love to all you do

Your life means more
Than you may know
Fulfill your purpose
Before you go