Practicing Aloha CD cover

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I celebrate the receiver
The one who calls the moon
Forth from the stormy skies
To see the stars guiding the light of
The heavens to mother earth

May we welcome the receiver
And honor the giver in us all
May we experience the healer
Within we hear the call

I celebrate the ocean
And the constancy of the tides
That pull and recede
And wash the shore
With traces of her neptune floor

May we understand this aina
The sky, the air, the ocean
The mana of this sacred land

I celebrate the folds and turns of
The canyon guiding the mountain
Streams to meet the waterfall
And waiting ocean rock s below

May the beauty we see teach us
The glory that is of our source
And the power of that force

I celebrate the love
That is the course
Of creation in action
God’s expression from above

And may the magic we give
Transform us with the rainbow light