Practicing Aloha CD cover

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Blessings of Light
Blessings of Love divine
Sacred land of Waterfalls
And Volcanic rocks design

Radiant Beauty fill my Heart
Free my busy mind
Let the Spirit come through me
And let God’s joy do it’s part

Blessings of great grace
Protect this Holy Place
Heal our lives our lives
Let us with Peace align

Take us to the Place where Magic is alive
Join us with the Spirit
That is our Souls lifeline

Blessings from this Land of Rainbows
Let The Power of the sacred Breath
Fills us with Aloha
As Understanding grows

Let us live with this great love
To serve a greater plan
Children of the island
Grow under the sun of this great land

Blessings of Light
Blessings of Love Divine
Let us live aloha
As happiness we find